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Thursday, July 26, 2007

VSN..... Stanza # (39)...,Atula sarabhobhima ,,,

Atula sarabhobhima :samayjno havir hari:

sarva lakshna lakshanyo ,lakshmivan samitinjayah:

1) Atula: - . The incomparable.

2) Sarabha: - The destroyer of persons act in disregard of laws and rules/ethics..

3) Bhima: - . The formidable one

4) Samayajna: - one who knows all conventions.

5) . Havir- hai: - One who is the recipient of all havis offered in the sacrifice( Yajnam)

6) Sarvalakshna- Lakshanya : - . One who pointed as the ultimate truth by all Saints He is the ultimate definition of all good qualities. one who reveals him self thro’ everything around us.

7) Lakshmivan: - one who is always with Lakshmi.

8) Samitinjaya: - one who wins all battles. The ever victories.

There are Eight Thirunamam in this stanza

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stanza # (38).,Padmanabho(s)ravindaaksha


Maharddhi-riddhovriddhatma,Mahaksho garudadhvajah:

1) Padmanabha: - One with a lotus-like navel. This is not a literal meaning alone. All thoughts considered being spring forth from naval point. “Sayanachar” in his purusha suktha vyakanam says Bagawan is known as Vak roppam in this world, (Para, pasyanti madhyama vaikari-Para is the base from naval point)

2) Aravindaaksh: - His eyes resembles that of Lotus flower..

3) Padma-garbha: - He who is installed in a lotus..

4) Sarira-bhrit: - one who sustains & nourishes all bodies

5) Maharddhi: - He of immense riches. Riddhi means prosperity & power.

6) Riddhah: - . One who keeps growing

7) Vriddhatma: - The ancient one. .

8) Mahakshah; - One who has great eyes. One with a. powerful axle.

9) Garuda-dvajah: - One whose flag has garudan.

There are Nine Thirunamam in this stanza

PS:- pl chk on the link., its "Samajavaragamana" (Thyagraja krit) in Hindola ragam by ".T N sheshagopalan" inE snipes

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vishnu sahasranamam slokam # 37

Asokastaranastara:sura;Sauri: janasvara:

Anukoola satavarta;Padmee padmanibhekshana:

1) Asoka - He who destroys the sorrows.

2) Tarana: - one who enables the devotees to cross the samsara saharam

3) Tara: - . The saviour

4) Soora: - . The valient

5). Sauri: - . The grand son of surasena..The descendant of valiant people like yadhava.

6) Janeswara: - . The lord of people.

7) Anukula: - The well wisher & friend of every one.

8) Satavarta - . . “Sata”means hundred , therefore the term means He who has taken several incarnations to sustain dharma.

9) Padmi: - . One who carries the lotus in His hand.

10) Padmanibekshna: - . One who has eyes which resemble the lotus.

There are Ten Thirunamam in this stanza

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vishnu sahasranamam...Stanza # (36)skanda .......

Stanza # (36)

skanda skanda-daro dhuryo:..

.skanda skanda-daro dhuryo:varado vayuvahana:


1) Skanda - He who destroys.

2) skanda-dhara: - The Supporter of skanda.

3) Dhurya: - The Supporter.

4) Vara-dah: - The Grantor of boons

5) . Vayu-vahanah: - He who has Vayu as His vehicle

6) Vasu-Devah: - . He who pervades& supports. Also one who has born as the son of vasudeva (in Krishnavataram)

7) Brihad-bhanuh: - Possessor of endless rays (that of sun & moon).

8) . Adi-devah - The First Deity

9) Purandarah: -

.i) The Destroyer of the cities

. ii) The Destroyer of the sufferings from the adi-daivika causes.

iii) He who helps the devotee in transcending the attachment to sthula, sukshma and karana sariras.

d) He who brings an end to the bodies of all beings. .

There are Nine Thirunamam in this stanza

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