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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Energy saving tips for domestic consumers.

Save Energy and Money
We all know that the typical family wants to pay less energy bill for their home current (bijili) bills .., unfortunately; a large portion of that precious energy we think we’re using is wasted unnecessarily .
The good news is that there is a lot one can do to save energy and money at home. Start making small changes today to cut the energy use up to 25%, see the Long-Term Savings Tips
Reduction in energy bills more than make up for the higher price of energy-efficient appliances. In addition, one can help the country indirectly by lesser consumption.
The following use full tips (which we all area aware of but not following it sincerely) one can use to keep their domestic Bill optimum
 Use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of conventional bulbs & tube lights..
 Switch off all the lights & fans when not required.
 Try to work /stay by using day light & not to use electricity /tube or CFL during day time.
 Switch off the computer and monitor when not in use.
 Use approved ISI * rated energy saving equipment like Geyser. Initially It may cost more than the cheap clones available in the market but the long life & less energy bill will be beneficial for the consumer
 For GEYSER fill it fully, heats it fully so that, two person can take bath by one time switching on the Geyser.
 Use immersion rods with proper care for ones safety.
 For using immersion rods Fill up the water to the marker level (It’s usually at the bottom of manufacturer label of the immersion rod)
 Avoid using chandelier lamps it consumes more energy.
 Use proper thermostat for energy saving & Check the thermostat regularly too,
 It Produces almost 75% less heat,.
 They are safer to operate and can cut home energy costs
 Instant start up ., no flickering & longer life
 Manufacturer lists one CFL can be used for 5000 hrs usage where as ordinary bulb can last only for some 100 hrs
Use full tips
 Avoid using appliances as far as possible during peak hours ( morning & evening)
 Take out the mobile chargers & other chargers from the plug point when not in use
Try to run the ceiling fan in 2 or 3 position instead of full speed(less speed means one may enjoy the fan & the sweating/perspiration during scorching summer gets evaporated on regular basis may make one feel they’re getting cool.
 Try to drip Dry the clothes instead of using the washing machine dryer.
 Switch off Air conditioner after 2.0hours of usage .keep the A/c room completely sealed to prevent air leak/hot air entering inside the room.
 One should switch off TV set, instead off remote control off. This will not only save energy but increase the life off the appliance too.
 Finally one should switch off each &every appliance when not required.
 Use approved & quality appliances for Safety , energy efficiency & saving money,
REMEMBER ENERGY SAVED IS EQUAL TO ENERGY GENERATED. By adhering to some of this one can save energy& money for the country

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