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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

VSN..!!...Stanza # (41)..,Udbhva: kshobano deva:..,

Udbhva: kshobano deva:Shrigarbh:parameswarah:

Karanam kaaranam kartaVikarta gahano guha:

1) Udbhava: - one who is the origin of universe. & Beyond the bondage of worldly feelings."Udbhava:" means "Generation"

2) Kshobhana: - The Creator of a commotion

3) Deva: - . One who sports himself.Deva means God

4) Shri-Garbha: - . One who is the abode of all auspicious qualities.

--- One who has Lakshmi in him-so naturally all auspicious qualities will be with him only.

5) .Parameswara: - . The supreme goal. The ultimate authority. No body above him.

6) Karanam :- . The means / instrument

7) Kaaranam: - The cause. (means the reason)

8) Karta - . The doer.

9) Vikarta: - . One who creates the infinite verities of the universe.

10) Gahana: - . One who is deep and inscrutable.

11) Guha: - . One who dwells in the cave of heart,& hides himself from the nastikas.

There are ELEVEN Thirunamam in this stanza

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stanza # (40).,Viksharo Rohito Margo...,!

Viksharo Rohito MargoHetur Damodara: Saha:

Maheedharo MahabhagoVeghavan Amitasana:

1) Vikshra:

one who is imperishable. . “Kshra” means perishable.Or No waxing & waning for him

2) Rohita: - . The term ”Rohita” means Fish. So this Thirunamam denotes about Bagawan’s Mastyavataram..

3) Marga: - . He is the one, the saints sought after & also means he is the way to attain the goal. He’s the means & goal to get out of this samsarasaharam. ”Margam”means Way/Path

4) Hetu: - . The cause. (”Karanam”)

5) . Damodara: - . i) He who has the worlds in His belly.

ii) One who was tied around HIS waist by ropes by mother yasodhai in Krishnavatara kalam. iii) One who is attained by pure mind & self-control ”Dama.” meaning self-control & ”Udhara” meaning purified.

6) Saha: - . Patience. Tamizhla. - Porumai/sahiputhanmai. one who has immense patience.

7) Maheedhara: - The supporter of earth..

8) Maha-bhaga - . One who is extremely fortunate. {. In Hindi Bhag means the shortened version of Bhagyam-people still use this term to denote bhagyam in Hindi heartland}

9) Vegawan: - . One who is quick /swift. Nothing can over take him..

10) Amitasana;: - . One who has endless appetite. One who is the voracious eater. & Supply unlimited food to His subjects..

There are TEN Thirunamam in this stanza

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