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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Slokam # 20 contd

maheshvaaso maheebhartaa sreenivaasah sataam gatih
aniruddhah suraanando govindo govindaam-patih.
Maheshvaasah -One who wears or wields the Great Bow called Saarnga.Maheebhartaa -The husband of Mother Earth. The Sanskrit term for husband is Bhartaa and the term denotes ‘Supporter’. In the Puranic language we have the description of how the Lord, as the Great Boar uplifted the earth from the “waters of Deluge.” Viewed from the platform of philosophy, just as gold is the supporter of all things made of gold, the Infinite Consciousness is the Essence from which everything has risen. Hence He is the Lord, the Supporter, the Husband (Bhartaa) of Mother Earth and everything that exists in her.Sreenivaasah -The permanent abode of Sree. Mother Sree connotes “all Glory and power, faculties and strength, to be good and to perform creative acts of righteousness”. She is found to remain never permanently in any bosom. Even saints and sages, in recorded history, have come to compromise the perfections in them. The only place, where imperfections never enter to molest the serene essence, is the seat of Eternal Perfection, which is the bosom of Narayana. Hence Maha Vishnu is indicated as Sreenivaasa –“the Permanent Abode of Lakshmi”. Sataam Gatih -For the truly virtuous and for all spiritual seekers (Sat-People) He who is the final Goal. In the language of the Geeta He is the “Paraa gatih”. The term gati is used to denote not only the goal, but the very movement, as well as the direction and the way. Narayana is the very Direction, Path, Progress and the Goal for his devotees. Aniruddhah -One who cannot be obstructed or resisted by anyone. Irresistibly, the will of the Lord functions in the world of created things-and-beings. Just as in the world of matter, the laws of nature are irresistible, the Rhythm and Harmony of Truth ever march in their Eternal Logic of objectless Love and immaculate perfection. Time and tide wait for none. contd.....

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