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Monday, March 30, 2009

Its going 2 B a very big one

  • Andalum Thiruppavaiyum. And apologize in advance for such a lengthy reply.

  • Kodai Nachiyar was adopted by Periazhwar(vishnu chitar) . Vishnu Chitar (from now onwards we’ll call him as Periazhwar only) wrote lot of Paasuram on Krishna & HIS leelas.

  • In our home (our means we Iyengars) we used to talk lot about Krishna . every little boy is Krishna only to Granparents isn’t it?

  • By this way she must have learnt about Krishna. This is mechanically analysis

  • we’ll analyze Kodai Nachair’s incarnation In terms of bakthi now.

  • After His Krishna incarnation Bagawan Vishnu on his return from bhoolokam enjoys in Paramapadam with niytya soories . Over come with remorse on looking at earth (Despite his GITA upadehsam no one follows it & do all paapam)where all atrocities take place he ask Devi MahaLakshmi to take an incarnation in earth to reiterate his GITA upadehsam .

  • She politely refused HIM saying that even when being with you during your incarnation  I suffered a lot like vanavasam( forest living )& Agnipravesam etc,therefore swami, I’ll(MahaLakshmi) not take any more incarnations.

  • Bagawan then ask Bhudevi to perform this act. She (Bhooma Devi) immediately/ eagerly accepts the offer saying I’m waiting for this opportunity 

  • . During His Varaha Incarnation, bagawan tells Three things to Bhooma Devi for the upliftment of HER(BhooDevi’s) subjects

  • Prostrate on HIS lotus feet & perform archana by offering fragrant flower.

  • Chant his Thirunamam Loudly( pl note this)  this is  for those who  says so & so are not supposed to chant VSN etc, this is for them.

  • seek saranagati (surrender) on his lotus feet.

  • She took Andal incarnation to tell/show us about the varaha upadesham, appears in The Tulasi vanam of swami Periazhwar. She made two Garlands. Poomalai( flower garland) which  she wears  first & then give to VataPathra sayi( Perumal Ranga Mannar of sri villi puttur)& PaaMalai( poetry-rather divine poetry). Which she sung for HIM.      

  • Thirupaavai form 3 parts.. The first Ten parts ( Paasuram-slokam) tells us to chant HIS nameThe second part tells us to offer prayer to HIS lotus feetThe final part tell us to surrender ourselves on his Thiruvadi(lotus feet).

  • Thirupaavai is not a simple verse. Its an yagnam. The yagnam performed by Andal from the Upadesham of Varaha Murthy  during the start of  this kaliyugam. 

  • Whenever an yagnam(sacrifice) is performed, the  Protasam( offering for the Yagnam)  used to be kept in Kapaalam( a type of utensil-if I’m right its used to be made of wood) .  This Thirupaavai’s (of Kodai Nachiyar) three parts (of each ten Paasuram) forms three Kapaalam .

  •  during the performance of  yagnam(sacrifice)Whenever this protasam -kapalam to be submitted to Agni it’s usually accompanied the chanting of perumal-Trivikramavataarm Thirunamam(name)

  • Andal chants about Trivikraman Thirunamam in each parts(above mentioned) in Thirupaavai.

  • 1 .inPaasuram no(3) .. “Oongi ulagalanda uththaman per Paadi”.( pl see the meaning from stanza no 3 of Thirupaavai in Vadagalai Iyengar community{http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=14784311&tid=2573452729859210658&na=3&nst=49&nid=14784311-2573452729859210658-5229429691472129323 }) this is from the first Ten Paasuram of Thirupaavai.

  • 2. .inPaasuram no(17)”Ambara mudarauthongi ulagalanda” .( pl see the meaning from stanza no 17 of Thirupaavai in Vadagalai Iyengar community ) is from the second Ten Paasuram of Thirupaavai.

  • 3. inPaasuram no(24)”Andrivulagam alandai adi potri” ”.( if god willing we’ll see the meaning of this stanza of Thirupaavai) is from the third Ten Paasuram of Thirupaavai

  •  So It isn’t surprising that Andal being the Bhudevi incarnation & raised as the daughter of Periazhwar knows about lord Krishna, whose avataram(incarnation) took place in the previous yugam.

  • I do hope I’m not deviated from the subject 

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