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Monday, September 25, 2006


Adhyaapanam Adhyayanam
Yajanam Yaajanam
TathaaDaanam Pratigraham
- ChaivaBrahmanaanaamakalpaya
It's the duty of a pundit to learn to teach to participate & perform Yajgna (sacrifice) etc. Tell wad u learned. Learn from gr8 scholars & teach students. For generation man kind is searching for the ans, yet to find it.
I born as hapless Tamil Brahmin son ,some how cleared A course of instruction in Civil Engg and left home town at the tender(??) age of 18yrs in search of job. Worked in Saurastra interior Punjab & presently in & around the state/Delhi.
I learned to understand KATYAWADI Bhasha. Punjabi Hindi on the way. Few examples as follows.
KATYAWADI* (*local dialect of Gujarati used by ppl of saurastra region) “su bhai kitla wagaya? [Hi brother what’s the time now?]
When I first came for an interview at Punjab the dabha (an eating joint) wala offered a big potato stuffed Parota*(* a break fast food item lot of ppl of the region in reference used to take in the morning) for 1.00 rupees. As I came from all along the way had doubt about the rate Took one piece only with pickle. & with lot of surprise paid him 1.00 rupees only. That was my first experience in Punjab...
To be continued…

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