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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Vrishhi vrishabho Vishnu:Vrishaparvaa vrishodara:

Vardhano vardhamanascha,Vivikt: shrutisagara:

1) Vrishahi:- One who is the devata for the vrishaha Yagna. Vrisha Also means dharma.therefore one who shines in Dharma& makes his devotees shines in da way of dharma.

2) Vrishabha:- One who shines his grace is vrishabha,& also shines due to his dharma.

3) Vishnu:- One who pervades evry thing is Vishnu {from the root “vis” . See also the stanza # (1) meaning #2

4) Vrisha-parva:- “Parvam” means Ladder. V already saw da meaning of da term”Vrisha “ means Dharma. There fore this term means one who provides stair case of Dharma to reach him.

5) Vrishodara:- ”Udara” means Belly &Vrisha means Rain also. Therefore this term means the showering belly which showers Dharma.

6) Vardhana:- One who Nurturer & nourishes of all.

7) Vardhamana:- One who grows in to any dimensions as in vamana Avataram.

8) vivikta:- One who is alone Or unique is Vivikta;

.9) shruti-sagara:- one who is da ocean where all pious thoughts /Vedas takes da devotees

There are 9 Thirunamam in dis Stanza

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vishnu sahasranama slokam # (23)..Meaning...Gurur gurutamo dhama

Gurur gurutamo dhama Satya: satya Parakrama:
Nimisho nimisha :sragveeVachaspathi rudharadhi:
1) Guru- Gurutama:- Acharyan.Teacher As per our sampradhyam Lord Vishnu is da first Acharyan. Compare ”Lakshmi natha samarambam…”the greatest teacher
2)Dhama I) Goal ii) in Sanskrit it also means peak he’s da goal to be achieved, his abode is da ultimate destination for da devotee. Also means Tejas
3) Satya: - Truth.
4) Satya parakrama:- The dynamic truth .ii) One of unfailing valor.
5) Nimisah:- The condition of eye lid closed is called as Nimisha. Therefore it means one who’s eyes are closed towards the enemies of his devotees.
6) Animisha;- one who remains unwinking
7) Sragvee:- Srak means a garland. Therefore it means wearing the garland”Vanamalai”
8) Vachaspathi;-. The lord of speech
9) Udaradhi:- one with vast knowledge.
There are 9 Thirunamam in dis stanza

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vishnu sahasra namam slokam #22 meaning

Amrtyu: sarvadrk simha:
Sandata sandhiman sthira:
Ajo durmarshana: shashta
Vishrudatma surariha: {#22}
Amrtyu:- No death no decay . one who’s beyond death or decay.
Sarvadrik:- the all seeing & knowing of every thing.
Simha:- The Lion . DestroyerMriganam cha mrigendro(s)ham-Bagawat gita
Sandata: - One who unites His devotees with Him ii) One who unites the beings with the fruits of their actions.
Sandhiman: - One who is always united with His devotees
Sthira:- Firm /consistent I his relation with his devotees
Aja:-Unborn, i) Remover of obstacles, iii) One who moves in the hearts of the Devotees, One who removes the ignorance from the hearts of His devotees One who is the root of all sound (akshara "a")
Durmarshanah: - one cant be attacked./vanqushed
Shashtaa:- The teacher
Vishrudatma:- i) One whose exploits are praised with wonder ii) who is called by special names. iii) One whose praise is sung in various forms iv) One whose Atma is of a special Nature.
Surariha: - sura =devas ., Ari = enemies.,ha. Destroyer. The destroyer of enemies of devas is Vishnu,
There are 11 Thirunamam in this Slokam

Vishnu sahasranama स्लोकम॥ No 21Mareechir

Mareechir dhamano hamsa:suparno bhujagotama:Hrinyanabha: sutapah;Padmanabha; prajapati:1)Mareechi:- "Marichi" means effulgence।vishnu is ray of light2)Damana:-Dispeller, 2) One who controls and punishes those who swerve from their prescribed path.3)Hamsa:- Like Hamsa pakshi.mythycally hamsa pakshi is been shown as an example for pure thoughts.( based on color in da early days)4)Suparna:-"su" in sanskrit means glorious, auspicious. strong etc etc (Urichsotrodar-Tamil) "Parna" means wings. implies Garudan & garuda vahanan, is lord vishnu.5)Bhujagottama:-.The master of serpent Adishesha. 6)Hrinya nabha:-The one whose naval is in beautiful golden hue. wherein supports Brahma the creator. the lord vishnu is the creator/supporter of Brahma.7)Sutapaa:-"Tapas" means Creative thinking in sanskrit. so this term means one who is with constant /creative thinking.8)Padmanabha:-One who is residing in the heart of allhis devotees(ii)One who has the lotus emanating from his navel (carrying Brahma) as alredy discussed in this stanza meaning no(6)9)Prajapati:-the lord to all. as every thing comes forth from HIM he become pati to all his"Praja"childrenThere are 9 Thirunamam in this Slokam

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