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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Practice of Pariseshanam

The entire practice of Pariseshanam (meals-time-custom) can bedivided into three sections:

1. Aabhojanam

2. Praanahuthi

3. Utharaabhojanam

We will see about how to observe these three steps here.

Aabhojanam:After sitting for meals, you'll be served with rice and ghee, as peryour Sampradaya. Now take very small qty of water in your right hand andchant Om Bhoorbhuvasuva: and circle the plantain(Vazhailai) leaf. Then take small qty of water and chant SathyamThwerthena Parichinchaami (in day) and Rutham DhwasathyenaParichinchaami(in night). Circulate the Ilai(Platain leave)with this water. Then take small qty of water(Perumal Theertham) and with yourleft hand, slightly lift the meal-plate and take in the PerumalTheertham. You must chant the manthra Amruthopastharanamasi.

Praanahuthi:Then using your thumb, middle and ring fingers, take ghee-mixed riceand swallow it without hitting over the teeth. This process has tobe repeated six times, each time accompanied by a manthra as givenbelow:(Prefix each mantram with Om and suffix each mantram with Namaha:)

1. om Praanaya swah:
2. om Apaanaya swaha:
3. om Vyaanaaya swah:

4. om Udhaanaya swah;
5. om Samaanaya swah:
6. om Brahmanae nama:
Then catch hold of the meal-plate with your right hand, cleanse up inyour left hand with Theertham served by someone else.

Utharaabhojanam:After finishing the meals, as before, take small amount of water(eitherby self or served by others) and chant the manthraAmruthopithanamasi.This concludes the custom of Parisheshanam
P.S;-During  Sappadu, meal is served in the traditional way, on a ‘Banana Leaf’ which is spread in front of the guests, with the tip pointed left.

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